Monday, March 8, 2010

Stepping out with the ladies...

During moments of blog respite (mentally sipping that cup of tea), I become fascinated with the online world of art and creativity: specifically blogs, creative mothers taking the risk to put it out there: show how things get done, finding grace in various moments, shining light on the pearls within mundane day to day tasks. I have stepped out with the ladies, joining a group to explore the work of Shana Cole. She has a new book titled The Artistic Mother and I am ever so excited to explore her knowledge of fitting creativity into my life. Trudy Callan has opened her blog to forming this group, a touch point to keep one accountable within the 12 week process. (Yes, I will begin those background paper pages soon... I promise) As a mother, I maintain the schedule, the balance within the family, I wake up early and stay up late to keep things going... I am creative and I notice how easy it is to ignore creativity with children. The ever so growing list of chores, checks and balances calls your name just as your child beckons for you to play: your adult self rationalizes the lists and musts, your creative side begs and challenges you to relax, explore, step away from pressure. For me, creativity is about being in the moment: right here, right now. Often times, a patient tells me: "I can't draw a straight line". My counter statement to their fear or rationalization for giving up on this thing we call creativity is that a crooked line is way more interesting. So let's take the crooked line, explore it and get comfortable there. No wonder children can't stand still, they are no where near the straight line, creativity hides/thrives in the curves and crevices of our lives. This evening my radar rested with the creative pulse of our family. My girls (ages 5 & 2) played "elevator" with what you and I would label a shower... they stepped into the glass enclosed space, pressed a few buttons, announced a rather loud "bing" then proclaimed they were transported to fun and fabulous adventures. Grinning ear to ear, they welcomed me into their space, I quickly ran the lists of chores, checks and balances, tossed it to the wind and jumped in...


  1. I love it! I think this art journey will help us be better mothers. My daughter asked for the microwave box. Why? I asked. To be a fort she replied. What a small fort, but what an incredibly big imagination. She has been creating for 8 days straight and I am amazed at what she has in her...

    So glad you had fun with your girls. Such a gift and one that won't last forever.
    Blessings, Kim

  2. So glad you've joined us. Together is it will be an awesome journey.